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Our Services

We provide the fruit of our experience to our clients with love and sincerity, where our unique services and unthinkable solutions aiming at enhancing the growth for communities, corporates, organizations, individuals to perfectly match the constant evolution.

Strategic Planning

we help our client to design and revisit their organizations` purposes and the methods that will be used to accomplish their goals, as we consider strategic planning as a key factor for success:


  • Evaluate the current standing of the business and provide situational diagnose.

  • Market analysis & Competitor’s analysis

  • SOWT and PESTEL Summary of the business insights

  • Define the business vision and mission statements and the corporate values.

  • Clarify the necessary factors to success based on the business`s future directions.

  • Develop the strategy mapping and prioritize the business`s strategies according to viability and growth goals.

  • Strategy cascading and Implementation.

  • Performance Management model.

Business Plan

Business & Organizations Structuring

We help the organizations to design appropriate org.  Structures and business model that reflect their business model and functional alignment, taking into consideration the variety of business` sectors and natures.


We provide the best fit advice for the business governance, span of management, centralization vs. decentralization, managerial levels, communication channels, authorities & responsibilities that best match the vision, mission, culture, and strategic direction

HR Modules & Solutions Development

We look at organizations as an integrated and interdependent system towards best HR culture implementation. Hence we help our clients to develop appropriate HR strategies, methods, policies and identify solutions which are effective and long lasting. We also help your HR senior executives and HR professionals during the implementation of HR strategies and tools, as we provides them with intensive – on the job training- which will enable them to participate equally in the boardroom and contribute to the decision-making processes in your organizations. We provide the following HR services:

  • Develop HR Manual (Employee Handbook).

  • Job Analysis and Job Description.

  • Design Grading Structure & Salary Scale.

  • Develop Compensation & Benefit Policy.

  • Develop Performance Evaluation/ Appraisal Model.

  • Develop Recruitment and Selection Manual.

  • Design Employee`s Induction Program.

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HR Outsourcing

We offer on-site assistance programs that puts our HR professionals in the office when customers need more help, that will help our customers to spent more time and focus on their core business; and will minimize their directorates and senior managements` time dealing with HR related issues, as well as the overall cost of the HR function, operating at this level will be dramatically reduced.


We are managing a whole range of human resources functions that our customers might otherwise outsource to multiple providers - these functions include everything from payroll processing, Comp & Ben plan management, administration to recruiting, training and more.


We are taking operational responsibility for the running of the HR function within our client`s organization. This has involved preparing and issuing contracts of employment and dealing with all other legal issues related to employment; leading on recruitment and selection of staff; developing and implementing new HR systems , creating and distributing  job descriptions, monitoring a performance management system, setting up local payroll services, benefits schemes & administration, implementing and monitoring succession planning and career path programs, Social Security and Income tax preparation and documentation, Regulations and labor law implementation,  …etc.

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