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Consulting Expertise Services

  1. Airport Consultations in the field of airport certification, airport operations, airport planning, airport safety & airport management and inspection & Surveillance systems.

  2. Airline Consultations in the Field of Airline Certification and Aviation Operations

  3. Maintenance Consultations in the field of organization preparation and Certification studies

  4. Flight Training and Qualification Consultations.

  5. Aircraft Leasing In & Out and Financial Advisory: We provide comprehensive studies and analysis that include guidance on aircraft technical condition, transportation requirements, technical asset management, conducting pre-commissioning operational inspections of aircraft, aircraft selection, and seeking financing options through our investor partners.

  6. Drone Consultation.

  7. Fleet Planning and Strategy: We offer a wide range of consultancy in aircraft operators, ranging from a legacy of full service including but not limited to fleet planning, preparation of a Continuous Airworthiness Management Organization ("CAMO"), Approved Maintenance Organization ("AMO") and maintenance follow-up, Approved Training Organization ("ATO") and Aviation Safety Management, Crew selection and Appointments.

Private Aircraft
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